Daily Bulletin

George Stevens Academy Bulletin for Saturday, December 03, 2016

SENIORS: Your diploma forms are PAST due now if you have not turned one in. We have extra copies in the office if you need one!

12/1/2016 Holiday Concerts - 9:15am and 6:45pm (Holiday Angels perform at 6:30pm)
12/2/2016 Student Council Dance - 7:00pm POSTPONED
12/16/2016 Poetry Out Loud Competition - 2:30pm
12/21/2016 No School - Faculty In-service
12/22-1/3 No School - Winter Holiday Break
1/4/2017 Classes Resume

Menu 12/2/16 thru 12/9/16.
All Complete Meals $5.00
Friday 12/2
Panko Crusted Salmon, Honey Glazed Carrots, Caesar Salad with our Own Dressing, Choice of Milk and Dessert
Monday 12/5
Turkey Pot Pie, Garden Salad with Dressing, Choice of Dessert and Milk
Tuesday 12/6
Pizza Day – All The Great Toppings!!, Garden Salad with Dressing, Choice of Dessert and Milk
Wednesday 12/7
Chef Lu’s Cashew Chicken, Salt and Pepper Green Beans, Steamed White Rice, Choice of Milk and Dessert
Thursday 12/8
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Shitake Onion Rice, Mandarin Orange Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette, Choice of Milk and Dessert
Friday 12/9
Haddock Chowder, Honey Glazed Carrots, Caesar Salad with our Own Dressing, Choice of Milk and Dessert

Please note we will be emailing charge account holders statements weekly so that parents are aware of house charge balances. We ask that house charges maintain a prepaid balance of at least $50. Please know statements that show a negative balance means that amount is prepaid towards future purchases. Balances that are positive show funds that are owed to GSA. Thank You for participating in our lunch program. We are excited to start growing our own herbs and vegetables with the Greenhouse in the courtyard.

Senior Debate Schedule
12/5 Period 6:
Resolved: Factory farming should be banned.
Graham Grant/Mira Schubeck
John Larson/Derek McGraw

12/8 Period 8:
Resolved: The United States should not intervene in another country unless there is proof of a direct threat to national security.
Jarrod Chase/Joe Boulet/Mike Reiley
Hannah Peasley/Grace Tobey/Khemani Peasley

12/9, Period 5:
Resolved: Rehabilitation funding is the best means of ending recidivism.
Josie Clark/Rebecca Marks
Jackson Billings/Randa Rhodes

12/12 Period 6:
Resolved: State college should be tuition free.
Kelly Jones/Jordan Gray
James Marsh Mikayla True

12/14, Period 7:
1Resolved: Released felons should be allowed to vote.
Amber Moir/Donald Vincent
Seeta John/Tatiana Heggestad

12/19, Period 6:
Resolved: The death penalty should be banned throughout the United States
Tyler Varnum/Gage Clapp
Tyler Snow/Jacob Keenan

1/6, Period 5:
Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase existing infrastructure investment.
Oliver Dillon/John Hassett
Grace Fitzgerald/Kayla Speranza

1/13, Period 5:
Resolved: Professional boxing and cage fighting should be banned.
Liza Moore/Maya Ibarguen
Allan Van Reijsen/Dylan Watson

Sports Update: The first regular season basketball games for the 2016-2017 season are now on Dec 9th at DI/Stonington High School. Varsity Girls will play at 5:30pm and the Varsity Boys at 7:00pm. ** This is a change from the original schedule. DI/Stonington doesn't have enough players for JV's this year so this will be a varsity only event. **

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