Daily Bulletin

George Stevens Academy Bulletin for Friday, May 25, 2018

Important Dates

• 5/25 Open Mic in the GSA Common Room, 7:00pm
• 5/28 No school – Memorial Day (Band plays at the parade at 10:00am)
• 5/29 to 5/31 Arts Festival
• 6/4, 6/5, and 6/8, Mandatory Senior Marching Practice, 2:30pm
• 6/5 Giving Day, GSA Campus, 7:30am – 4:00pm
• 6/6 Spring Sports Celebration, Cafeteria, 6:30pm
• 6/7 Residential Life Celebration, BHCC, 5:00pm
• 6/8 Alumni Banquet at BHCS, 6:00pm
• 6/9 Senior Class Night, GSA Gym, 7:30pm - Note: Time Change!
• 6/10 Commencement, 1:00pm
• 6/11 to 6/14 Underclass Final Exams – Noon Dismissal (Make up exams on 6/15)

What's Happening??

Students taking AP Environmental Science next year must get a text book and summer assignment from Mrs. Bennatti. This is a required assignment.
Seniors - we need your photos for the class night slide show!! We already have your senior photo and baby picture, but we need other group or fun photos from years past. Please send them to g.strehan@georgestevens.info or bring them into the office to be scanned. Thanks to Tillie and Katie who will be putting this together!
So, you think that you might want to be a movie star...Here is your chance! GSA ADMISSIONS NEEDS YOUR HELP. We need students to tell their special GSA stories to the camera and to the world. See Mr. Foster in the Admissions Office for audition info. ASAP!
TOEFL Practice sessions available: see Ms. Cunnane for more information or if interested.
Peer Tutoring Available - Peer tutors are available to support students during their study halls. Students will work together for half a class period once or twice a week. If you are a student that would like some support, please contact Erich in the library.
Math Tutoring - Mrs. Herrick is tutoring for math after school in the GSA library. She will be here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please sign up in the library if you plan to stay for tutoring.

Senior Debate Schedule

Thursday, May 24th, Music Room, Period 6 (1:25-2:30)
RESOLVED: Truth should supersede attorney-client privilege. 1st Affirmative: Elana Bakeman, 1st Negative: Kara Morrison, 2nd Affirmative: Ellie Gellerson, 2nd Negative: Jason Herrick
Thursday, May 24th, Music Room, Period 8 (12:15-1:20)
RESOLVED: Standardized tests are necessary in education. 1st Affirmative: Berlioz Xu, 1st Negative: Katie Schweizer, 2nd Affirmative: Jiachen Wang, 2nd Negative: Lindsay Nevin
May 25th, Period 4, Music Room (9:20-10:25) - Closed Debate
Resolved: Affirmative action should be abolished. 1st Affirmative: David Liu, 1st Negative: Gavin Sockbeson, 2nd Affirmative: Zoe Zhang 2nd Negative: Brandon Henderson
Friday, May 25th, Music Room, Period 8 (1:25-2:30)
RESOLVED: Hip-hop negatively affects teenagers today. 1st Affirmative:: Mike Yang, 1st Negative: Orien Xu, 2nd Affirmative: Albert Zhang, 2nd Negative: Gracie Neal
Wednesday, May 30th, Music Room (8:20-9:35)
RESOLVED: Humans do not exhibit free will. 1st Affirmative: Eliza Broughton, 1st Negative: Mary Richardson, 2nd Affirmative: Ava Sealander, 2nd Negative: Maira Vandiver
Wednesday, May 30th, Music Room (9:50-11:05)
RESOLVED: Free speech should not be restricted on college campuses. 1st Affirmative: Iris Benson-Sulzer, 1st Negative: Zeya Lorio, 2nd Affirmative: Alec Witham, 2nd Negative: Mazie Smallidge
Thursday, May 31st, Music Room (8:20-9:35)
RESOLVED: In a democratic republic, lobbying distorts both representation and the legislative process. 1st Affirmative: Charlie Ivano Thompson, 1st Negative: Isla Brownlow, 2nd Affirmative: Mary Brenna Catus, 2nd Negative: Kessler Parrott
Thursday, May 31st, Music Room (9:50-11:05)
RESOLVED: Prenatal diagnosis is an ethical and effective medical practice. 1st Affirmative: Sophia Steinbarger, 1st Negative: Leigh Brooks, 2nd Affirmative: Nellie Haldane, 2nd Negative: Sophie Mitchell

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